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While many people associate us with our reputation as the best surety specialists in the GTA, our team of technology engineers has almost 20 years of experience creating stunning completely custom bespoke audio and visual solutions for homeowners and business.

Our team will visit your home or business and work one-on-one with you so we can discuss you audio and visual ambitions, and then provide you with a detailed solution that offers you your choice of in-ceiling speakers, flat panel televisions, projectors and screens so that your living space is transformed into the home theatre and gaming centre of your dreams.

Additionally, we also provide business owners with a wide variety of solutions for their presentation room. We proudly partner with some of the most notable names in the audio-visual world, and we can offer you a solution that suits anything from a boardroom, to a conference room with many attendees. Our team will compile your list of requirements, and factor in your budget so we can create an audio-visual solution for your business that suits your exact needs.

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