Let’s make your home smarter!

Using our high-end automation solutions, you will finally feel in charge. You can quickly and intelligently manage your home’s lighting, security, temperature, entertainment system, and more from afar.

Or, you could just set the wheels in motion! With just one touch, you can lower the lights, pull down the shades, and switch to the correct TV input when it’s time to watch the game. As soon as the last person is tucked into bed, the lights will turn off, and the security system will activate.

Simply put, it’s that easy and can be adapted to fit any size. Get a smart home automation  installed today in Toronto!

Smart Home, Happy Family

To ensure the safety and security of your valuables, we offer top-tier automation solutions that put you in charge of everything in your home.

You’ll never have to worry with round-the-clock home monitoring available on your smartphone. Check to see if your kids left the garage door open, and if they did, shut it right away.

Get text alerts when specific events occur, such as when your teen gets home from dance class or the dishwasher springs a leak, and check in on your home security system from anywhere in the world.


URC’s Total Control makes your home or party great. Construct a home theater with surround sound and high-tech devices, or equip your living room with them. Set up a home theater system so you can watch movies from any room. Use user-defined shortcuts to preferred channels and programs, plus personalized menus and visuals.


A smart home lighting system boosts style, comfort, and safety. Control kitchen, home theater, bedroom, and hallway lights precisely. Light your porch, driveway, backyard, and pool for ambiance and peace of mind. Touch displays, remotes, keypads, applications, and voice commands offer one-touch URC control.


Total control improves household comfort and efficiency. Your URC systems integrator will program your system for day-to-day and season-to-season comfort. It can control and automate your pool, spa, or sprinkler system. Automated temperature scenes save electricity while you’re away.

Blinds and Shades

One-touch shade control is convenient for the morning, a movie, or bedtime. Raise, drop, and tilt motorized blinds and shades with one touch, or use automatic settings based on time, day, light, or temperature to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.


Gain control of your safety with single-touch door locks, garage closure, and security system arming. Use the app to remotely open the door for family, friends, or deliveries. Touch screens, remotes, and applications can display live footage from door stations and security cameras. The built-in high-resolution video intercom lets you talk to visitors or family in other rooms. 

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Touch and Voice Activation and Control

Custom Home Automation provides a premium Total Control user interface family, advanced system controllers, multi-room audio technology, and lighting control. These items from the technology ecosystem of your custom-programmed smart home.

Create fully customizable, highly intuitive user interfaces for all of your devices. Total control enables you to do more in less time by providing visually appealing user interfaces, consistently rock-solid performance, and seamless third-party integration. 

Why Choose Us?

Our authorized dealers continue our legacy of pioneering architecture, cutting-edge controls, self-assured intelligence, and forward-thinking home automation in groundbreaking and everyday settings. 

The Total Control system from URC is fully automated. It controls everything in your house. It contains the temperature, the lights, the shades, the TVs, the music, the gates, and the doors. Anything you want, it can do.

Advantages of Home Automation

  • Taking care of everything in your home from one place
  • Can work on newer appliances and devices
  • Make sure your home is safest
  • Controlling home functions from afar
  • Use of energy more efficiently
  • Improved functionality of machines and more
  • Providing home management insights in real-time

Confidently Control Your Space

In Toronto, we are the go-to pros for advice and installation of home automation systems. If you want the best smart home solutions to make your life more comfortable, convenient, and safe, our specialists can help you find them. 

To easily automate your home, have Control4 installed in your Toronto home! Talk to us at 877-988-5544

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