Home monitoring system

At Camtechnology, we have a dedicated team of home automation specialists who can take care of all your home automation needs, and get your alarm system, all windows, doors, smoke detectors and security cameras among all other sensors that link to it connected to a remotely controlled network.

Based on simplicity and ease of use, our home automation and home monitoring system can equip your home with superior fire safety and intruder prevention. At the same time lower your home energy costs.

Ten years ago, the home automation industry was almost entirely geared toward luxury homes, with projects costing $100,000 and more, today computer technologies are making advanced home automation not only possible but more and more accessible and affordable everyday. Automation fits new construction as well as older homes without having to rip out walls or having to rewire your entire house, thanks to new advances in wireless technology. Today, all different kinds of home automation can be found in more modest homes.

Whether you need something as basic as setting up and installing some new plasma or LCD TVs in your house, or as complex as a fully automated touch screen remote control that can control not only all your audio and video equipment, but also your lights, the thermostat, the blinds, your home alarm system and much more, we got you covered there too. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to home automation these days, and with advances in technology, it is becoming more and more affordable everyday!

Home automation

Whether you need something  basic or a more complete system, we are here to help.

Home Automation