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In a 2010 Defence Research & Development Canada whitepaper, a study into the effectiveness of security cameras and surveillance systems found that CCTV systems are most effective at reducing property-specific crime.

After security camera installation in your home in Toronto, instances of vandalism, break-ins, and home intrusions all drop sharply. Conversely, however, the study also found that public CCTV cameras located on streets, sidewalks, and city square areas, are much less effective as crime deterrents.

Given the 2010 whitepaper findings, Toronto home and business owners need to take note that their property and personal security can’t always be guaranteed by public CCTV cameras and surveillance systems, even when a property is in direct line of sight of such a system.

Keep Your Family & Your Property Better Protected

As anyone who has been a victim of a crime such as a burglary or act of vandalism knows, the psychological effects of crime can be profound.

When a business or home burglary takes place, it can take months before business owners and home inhabitants can start feeling secure in their own space again. Worse, both opportunist and organized criminals are known to repeatedly target properties, especially when home and business owners don’t make visible security improvements.

At Camtechnology, we take home and business security just seriously and invest training and technology to offer you the best possible satisfaction. This is why we strive to be more than just security camera installation experts. Instead, we go so far as to stay on top of the latest indoor and outdoor CCTV technology developments. This way, our CCTV installation services can always be relied upon to provide the security solutions you need to keep your property better protected.

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