Paging Speakers

Professional public address and paging system equipment that has options for analog and IP speaker systems. IP solutions include native IP speakers that connect to your VoIP system, enabling centralized management and expanded features. IP gateways also let you connect analog endpoints with your VoIP system. This system is used in: Airports Restaurants Hospitals Office Buildings Warehouses

Video Wall

In short, a video wall is a collection of screens that are combined/tiled together to create one large display. Typical display technologies used include LCD, direct LED tiles, rear-projection and laser displays. The purpose for using video walls varies depending on the industry. Industries where video walls can be used include; corporates, hospitals, retailers, government offices, churches, schools, casinos and hotel receptions.

Automatic Door Opener

Automatic door openers use electricity to power a motor inside the unit to open the doors. The auto opener is often referred to as an auto operator or low energy operator. Low energy refers to the speed and force of the door opening swing. Auto openers will slowly open the door and if, during the opening swing, the door bumps into anything it can stop and reverse the swing motion. This function may depend on the manufacturer of the device. This option provides a measure of safety to individuals passing through or approaching the door. Auto operators are most commonly used at exterior entrance doors to provide a secure closing cycle as well as allow easy entry to the public. Automatic door opener is also Wheelchair Accessible that provides a specific remote control for them to open the door without pushing the button.

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