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CCTV Maintenance Checklist

Installing CCTV cameras into your home or business’ premises is a fantastic way to ward off potential thieves and vandals and keep your property safe and secure. But have you considered having a CCTV Maintenance Checklist?

CCTV Maintenance Checklist

If you’re failing to keep on top of your CCTV system’s maintenance, your system is more likely to break down prematurely, leaving your property vulnerable and you with hefty replacement costs.

To save you from this, the team here at Camtechnology have put together this checklist of everything you need to know about CCTV installation in Toronto and its maintenance.

The Checklist

When it comes to the health of your security system, there are a few simple checks and maintenance tasks you can carry out at home without any specialist equipment to keep your system in good condition.

Here at Caught on Camera, we’ve split the checks into some subcategories as part of the CCTV maintenance checklist to make the steps clearer and more ordered for you to carry out.

Check out our handy CCTV maintenance checklist to ensure your CCTV system is working as well as possible in order to protect your home or business premises.

Camera lens

  • Check the camera lens is focused and adjusted properly
  • Check the camera view hasn’t been knocked off path and you can see your property perimeter clearly
  • Clean any dust or marks off the camera lens with a can of compressed air and wipe down the camera casing with a microfiber cloth
  • Check that the motion detection sensors are working, if you have them
  • Use your controller to check that the camera’s functions, such as zoom and pan are working correctly
  • Trim back any foliage that may be obscuring the view
  • Check that the cameras are securely attached to the wall


  • Check wiring for any wear and tear or exposed wires
  • Check for loose wires
  • Check that you’re getting a clear transmission of sound and picture with no distortion

Monitors and recording equipment

  • Check that the monitors are showing a clear picture and that the brightness and contrast settings are correctly adjusted
  • Check all of your switches and individual equipment are functioning fully
  • Clean all monitors and equipment of dust and grime with a microfiber cloth and a weak cleaning solution
  • Check cables leading from the equipment are in good condition and that there are no weak connections
  • Check that the correct time and date stamp is set

If when carrying out your maintenance checks you come across any faults or issues for concern, be sure to contact your local CCTV expert to fix the problem as soon as possible.

How often should my security system be checked?

The amount of maintenance your CCTV cameras will need is dependent on their location and how easily knocked or damaged they are, but we’d recommend looking over your CCTV cameras at least once a month to ensure that they are functioning properly and keeping your property protected.

We’d also recommend that you have your systems checked over annually by a professional service as they will be able to conduct more in-depth checks than you are capable of and spot and rectify any developing problems early on, increasing the lifespan of your system.

Caught on Camera supply and install high quality CCTV security systems to the areas of Essex, London and the South East region. Our services are suitable for both domestic and commercial clients, and we can accommodate to any budget, ensuring that no matter your circumstance, we can improve the security of your property.

As well as installing security measures, we are also fully trained and qualified to carry out regular maintenance and repair checks to ensure that your security system is always in the best possible condition. Get in contact today to find out more; we’ll be happy to help in any way we can.

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