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    Structured Cabling Systems for Businesses

    Technology moves at a rapid pace, and it is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. This constantly changing technology means that we will always keep learning and requiring new tools and techniques.  Investing in training and tools to make our business more efficient and agile. Without a solid network infrastructure which itself relies on structured cabling; businesses won’t see the technology performance they expect.

    Structured cabling systems are a network cabling solution infrastructure that consists of smaller, standardized elements. Our team can install structured cabling systems in a building or across a business plaza and organize your infrastructure. The major benefit of structured cabling is that it future proofs your business by accommodating any new hardware you add while supporting the increasing amount of data businesses use every day.

    Optical fibers are about the diameter of a strand of human hair and when bundled into a fiber-optic cable, they’re capable of transmitting more data over longer distances and faster than other mediums. It is this technology that provides homes and businesses with fiber-optic internet, phone and TV services. A fiber-optic cable contains anywhere from a few to hundreds of optical fibers within a plastic casing. Also known as optic cables or optical fiber cables, they transfer data signals in the form of light and travel hundreds of miles significantly faster than those used in traditional electrical cables. And because fiber-optic cables are non-metallic, they are not affected by electromagnetic interference (i.e. weather) that can reduce speed of transmission. Fiber cables are also safer as they do not carry a current and therefore cannot generate a spark.

    Structured Cabling