Ways You Can Utilize Your Smart Home Security System

Ways You Can Utilize Your Smart Home Security System

While a security system used only to be good for deterring intruders and altering the authorities when your house is broken into, that’s no longer the case. Nowadays, a smart home security system has become even more helpful – if that wasn’t enough. The plans now have fully functional remote video monitoring capabilities, access control, and more. These features can typically be accessed conveniently through your mobile device with an Internet connection.

You need a security system at your home to protect from intruders and for many more reasons to invest in home security. Here are some of the best features and ways you can utilize your smart home security system in Toronto:

1. Check On Your Pets With Smart Home Monitoring

With a smart home security system in Toronto, you can get a lot of peace of mind as a pet owner. After all, you can check on your pets while out of the house or traveling. You can leverage the video monitoring functionality to check on your pets to see what they are up to. You can even get real-time alerts for when your pet sitter shows up and when they leave. You can also monitor them while they are in your house. The system can also work wonders if you are heading out for vacation. You can adjust your home’s temperature, check for carbon monoxide levels, and more.

2. Open and Close Your Garage Doors With Smart Home Monitoring

One of the biggest things many experiences when going on a vacation is that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Usually, it’s followed by, “honey, did I close the garage door?” This is something that far too many people experience. Luckily, you don’t have to ask that question with smart home monitoring tools anymore. You can determine whether your garage door is closed conveniently from your app. It will give you the chance to open and close it remotely too. This can also be useful if your neighbor wants to borrow something and you aren’t home. You can even program the system to close your garage door when the security system arms automatically.

3. Engage Your Home’s Locks With Smart Home Monitoring

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This is similar to the garage door feature that allows you to monitor your door’s status. It can be difficult to remember whether or not you locked your doors. You’ll never get peace of mind until you return home and jiggle your doorknob to see if it’s locked. However, smart home monitoring can give you the peace of mind you need right from your mobile app. Your doors can be checked to see if they are locked and even lock them when you are outside of the country. You can use smart home monitoring if your children arrive home from school before you do. You can have them use an app to unlock the doors or do it for them remotely. 

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4. Get Notified When Your Children Arrive Home With Smart Home Monitoring

A smart home monitoring system in Toronto can make it much easier for you to live with less stress and anxiety as a parent. You can add contact sensors to the system, alerting you when your children get home. You can set it up, so it streams the live feed when the sensors go off. This will allow you to see and even communicate with your children when they get home. This can keep you from worrying about whether or not your children got home from school safely or who they may be bringing with them.

5. Don’t Burn Dinner When You’re Late With Smart Home Monitoring

When you get a smart home monitoring system in Toronto, you don’t have to worry about burning your dinner or house down. Say you set the crockpot to finish cooking when you expected to arrive back at your home. Unfortunately, you got delayed at work and had to stay much later than anticipated. You don’t have to worry about your dinner getting too cooked or your house ending in flames. You can always control your crockpot with a connected smart plug. 

6. Keep It Cool

One of the best things about a smart home monitoring system has to be the security benefits. However, it can also effectively and efficiently cool or heat your home. You can add elements to your system that will allow you to keep your home at a much more comfortable temperature. You can adjust the settings to make your home more comfortable when you are just about to arrive home. This can keep you from wasting unnecessary energy at work or school. You can also set the system up to start cooling down or heating the home when your children get home from school, so they are comfortable too. 

There is much to like about smart home monitoring systems beyond their security functionality. These systems have become much more innovative and valuable than ever before. As more connected devices continue to hit the market, you can only expect these things to continue to become more valuable. If you are ready to start taking advantage of all the benefits a smart home can deliver, it’s time to call Cam Technology at +1 (647) 607-4173. You can request a free quote online, and we can see what we can do for you.

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