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Here in Canada, thefts inside our homes and businesses cost us millions of dollars per year, and to make matters worse, these thefts aren’t just the result of break-ins, they are also committed by people we know like employees or someone close to us like a family friend or a person who works in your home. Thefts of this nature are especially bad because of the betrayal of trust. A professionally engineered and installed security system does more than protect your family or business against property theft, it also gathers evidence. If you have an intruder caught on camera, there is very little that they can do to deny their crime. This also results in the prompt return of your stolen items.

Cam Technology has years of experience create bespoke security solutions for our clients and our team of certified, insured and bonded security engineers will work one-one-one with you and create a security network that provides you with a 360-degree solution that protects your home or business, and gives you piece of mind that you are always protected.

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Protect your home, possessions and your family from unwanted intruders with our completely custom innovative security solutions, we offer homeowners the very latest security cameras, alarm systems and more. Click to learn more about our products and services.

Our business security system packages are designed and installed by our professional team for your exact needs. Our innovative solutions offer you a variety of solutions including our integrated commercial security systems, video surveillance, business alarm systems. Click to learn more.

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  • Our hand-picked team of security specialists and engineers were chosen because we not only offer our clients the very latest technology available to keep their homes and businesses safe, we proudly provide you with the very best customer care and around the clock service.
  • Our innovative security solutions are sourced from our technology partners and interconnected including all 4K outdoor installations so we are able to create a bespoke security solution that is custom made for your home or business, and suits your exact needs and budget.
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Important Benefits of home Security Cameras

Creating a custom security solution for your home or business has never been easier, or more affordable. With thanks to our partnerships with our technology partners, and their dedication to the evolution of security systems, we are able to create a solution that is not only more affordable than it was only 5 years ago, but offers a more comprehensive security envelope that provides you with a 360 degree level of coverage.

Deterring Criminals

Thieves and criminals also look for the path of least resistance. Once they spot a security camera, they simply move on to their next target. If they think they will have to spend time navigating a camera network, and foiling an alarm system it simply isn’t worth their time. Additionally, since technology moves faster than ever, thieves are now less likely to have the capability to bypass modern security systems.

Aiding the Police

Many thefts and burglaries are committed by someone you already know, who has access to your home or business. It could be an employee, a family friend or someone who works in your home. When you have video evidence of a theft that you can give to the police, it is game over for the criminal.

Checking in on the Family

With more and more people working from home, or only having to come into the office on rare occasions, being able to keep an eye on the family from your phone or laptop is a great way to keep your family safe, and still be able to get your job done.

Insurance Benefits

When you insure the content of your business or home, having a security system is a huge benefit. Most insurance companies offer deep discounts for people who have a security system, often up to 20%. Additionally, if you do experience a break-in, having security footage of the crime validates your claim immediately so you will have far less wait time.

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