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Criminals do not want to be caught in the act, identified and made to pay for their crimes. Installing security cameras at your home or business is the perfect way to deter crime and protect your loved ones as well as your business.

Security camera systems are a crucial investment in protecting your home and your business. Burglars may even get away if your home or your business aren’t equipped with the right technology to deter them. The latest outdoor security cameras combine the convenient features of any smart home device with advanced camera technology so you’ll always have an eye on your home and your business. Todays technology has improved and brought the costs down. We offer very high performance 4K security cameras. Our top picks for security cameras will even send alerts to your phone when they detect motion, be able to record in HD quality even at night, and are designed to withstand any type of weather.

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Protect your home and family with customized affordable and up to date home security systems, including security cameras, alarm systems, and more

Camtechnology can change the way you think about business security with our integrated commercial security systems, video surveillance, business alarm systems and more.

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Important Benefits of home Security Cameras

Nowadays, with the accessibility and affordability of technology, having a home security system installed is a wise decision to make as a homeowner, not too long ago, these systems were out of reach for many home owners.  Advances in technology brought many major advancements in video camera quality, recording capability and affordability.

Deterring Criminals

Thieves will case a home before they rob it, and if they spot cameras installed by a professional alarm system, they will most likely abort the burglary attempt, in other words, just the presence of security camera can deter criminals. Also, if you are the victim of a burglary, the cameras will record the incident and lead to the capture of the criminal.

Aiding the Police

In the case that a burglary does occur, your professionally-installed security cameras will have recorded the incident in high-definition. Police can use these videos and images to capture the criminals, prevent future crimes and return your items.

Checking in on the Family

Security cameras aren’t limited to the protection of a home, they can also allow you to check in on your kids while you’re at work. With a camera security system, you can always check in on your children from work by using the remote monitoring feature of the system.

Insurance Benefits

A security system can typically lead to discounts on home security of up to 20%. After a burglary, you’re required to make an insurance claim due to vandalism or theft. With the footage, you can easily document the incident and validate your insurance claim.

Home security systems setup

Home Security Camera Installation Preparations

A home security system is a group of physical electronic components that are setup and interconnected to work together to protect your home. As a standard the system include the following components:
Control panel 1

Control panel

A control panel is one of the most important parts of a home security system. It is the central connection for your system, the ‘brain’. It connects all parts together, allowing the arming and disabling of the alarm depending on the circumstances.

Control panel
Security camera 2

Security camera

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras Cameras are a crucial part of any home security system. They allow the recording of a particular area of your home

Security camera
Smoke Detectors 3

Smoke Detectors

Most homes are already equipped with smoke detectors, especially around the kitchen and bedroom areas, to ensure everyone is alerted quickly should smoke start filling up your home

Smoke Detectors
Motion Sensors 4

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are placed around your home to alert you if someone is moving around when they shouldn’t be

Motion Sensors
Door and Window Sensors 5

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors work on the breaking of a ‘circuit’ that triggers an alarm. Sensors are placed both on the frame of the door/window, as well as on the openings themselves

Door and Window Sensors
Yard Signs 6

Yard Signs

Signs and stickers around your home may seem like a strange addition to this list, but they are the ‘invisible’ layer of protection

Yard Signs
Sirens 7


When an alarm is tripped by a thief, a siren will, very loudly, go off and alert those in the area of an intruder


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