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Elevate communication with premium sound and paging systems in Toronto. Seamless installations for efficient operations. Transform your space today – schedule your installation to amplify clarity and connectivity!

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    Installation of Sound and Paging Systems

    Our company is a recognized expert in the installation of Sound Systems and the design of Paging Systems for clients in Mississauga, Toronto, Vaughan, Brampton, Hamilton, and across the Greater Toronto Area. Our highly trained and experienced paging teams have completed many paging installation projects in the GTA. Our experience ranges from the installation of Self-Amplified Systems and the installation of 7V Paging Systems. The state-of-the-art Self-Amplified Speakers we supply each incorporate an individual, built-in, miniature amplifier to drive speakers directly for optimum performance. Each of these speakers needs 4 wires in order to perform.

    We provide:

    • Paging systems (wireless)
    • Amplifiers for paging systems
    • Design of commercial paging systems
    • Speaker and Horn installation
    • Bogen design paging speakers
    • Various Ball Waffle type speakers
    • Various Horn design speakers

    Each installation of ceiling and horn speaker systems will depend on the unique design of the warehouses or commercial buildings – and the layout. This ensures optimal sound distribution – and increases the effectiveness of the sound installation. 

    We specialize in the design of paging systems for multiple, diverse environments such as factory and industrial environments, warehouses, offices, cafeterias, auditoriums, loading docks, and hallways of all types. 

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