According to the FBI; burglaries in the United States alone caused a loss of 23.4% of the $15.5 billion. These findings also suggest that these burglaries could have been prevented or stopped if there were security alarm systems installed.

If you are considering a security alarm system, but aren’t haven’t researched them yet, here is a broad stroke breakdown of our security systems, and what they offer your home or business.

We create our security alarm system solutions for you and your exact needs, so there really is no single answer. However, typically a home security system comes with smoke detectors, fire detectors, panic alarms, fire detectors and security sensors. If one of these sensors is triggered, then our customer care team alerts you immediately along with the authorities.

In addition, adding an extra layer of safety to your home or business, security alarm systems deter crime and break-ins. If a would-be thief even suspects you have an alarm system in place, they will almost always move on to another target. Additionally, our alarm systems are easily scalable. For example, if you want to add a new motion detector or additional cameras, we can easily upgrade your system at any time.

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