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    Do not be confused about the rules and regulations surrounding domestic CCTV installation. We will advise you on best practices and work accordingly to meet your security requirements. For instance, we will never recommend setting up your own CCTV system that is pointing directly into a neighbor’s property. Because we follow Canada’s Guidelines for the Use of Video Surveillance, you always get the best advice from us before you start spending a cent of your security project. Not every home is the same. Your property’s layout, budget and home security priorities are different than your neighbor’s so there is no one-size-fits-all rule for security camera minimums. Get a free security quote to start with then you can work through your project details.

    To have a more coherent security camera quote, try to give as much details as you can. There are few questions that needs to be answered before we can design your project to make your home security system smarter and more secure. For instance, how many cameras do you actually need to protect your home? do you have more than one entrance to your property? Wired or wireless cameras, visible or hidden, motion-activated or continuously record? And more.