If you want to know who is coming and going at your home or business, and you want to stop unwanted visitors from gaining unauthorized entry, the best way to secure your perimeter is to install an access control system.

An access control system eliminates the need for keys which can be easily copied, and instead uses an access panel. We have all seen these by now. They are the panel that is installed on the wall at any entrance point and only allows people to gain entry through a personalized PIN number, a smart card or key fob, or a fingerprint or other biometric measurement. Additionally, access control systems can offer layers of security. For example, if you want employees or family members to have access to certain areas of your property but not others, we can create a system with layers of security so only the desired people are allowed to enter any given space.

There are different types of authentication information.

  • Password or PIN
  • Smart card or key fob
  • Fingerprint verified by biometric measurement. and more

Technology we use

Paradox security systems
RBH Access

Access Control System