4K cameras

We use only the latest 4K Security camera systems technology that allow the best quality image and clarity. The 4K use state of the art 8MP image sensors. This allows the camera to produce an image that is nearly four times the size of a standard 1080P HD security camera. Larger sensors also capture more light, which improves low-light performance, and overall picture quality. High pixel density allows for clear digital zoom which is another great benefit of our 4K security cameras. No more worrying about pixilation when you zoom in to gather more detail like a person’s face or license plate numbers. Finally, our 4K security camera systems support H.265 encoding (also called HEVC or High Efficiency Video Coding), which helps keep the file size smaller without sacrificing any quality. Rest assured knowing that our security cameras capture the highest quality picture to protect your home or business.

What is a 4K security camera?

4K security cameras are the latest and greatest in video surveillance. With image quality that is nearly 4 times that of standard HD 1080P quality, a 4K camera is a must have to capture any potential activity around your home or business. With the advent of new and more cost-effective manufacturing, a 4K surveillance camera is affordable and extremely beneficial. 4K security cameras produce great detail at further distances without pixilation that is common with lower video quality. You can expect to see facial detail up to 60 ft with daylight conditions when utilizing 4K security cameras and the massive amount of digital zoom they have to offer.

For a comparison to lower resolution security cameras see the below comparison. 

screen resolutions 480-1080 2k-4k-8k-10k
4K Cameras comparison

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4K cameras