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CCTV cameras are one of the most important elements in securing our businesses and daily lives. Large companies often have a clear idea of their security requirements as part of top management policy. From the initial stage of setting up an office or commercial building, these companies make sure that CCTV cameras and access control systems are installed in the right places. But small and medium businesses and residential segments are still not aware of the need for CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, or access control systems. And more importantly, most home owners think that the costs are not affordable and out of their reach.

Camtechnology provides design and installation of end-to-end CCTV security systems right from cameras (IP & Wireless) to network to NVRs to server/storage to power backup solution to monitoring solution etc. We also deploy wireless camera solutions; we have everything you need to customize your business security. We have the Best Performance Surveillance Security Systems at a very competitive price.

How you will install a home security camera depends on what type of camera you choose. Is it an indoor camera or an outdoor camera? Does it use a power cord? Is it wireless? These are some of the questions you’ll want to consider both when you install your home security camera, and when you consider what type of camera you want to buy. If you’re not sure what type of camera you want, check out some of our other reviews to explore your options.

The most important security setup for a home or small business is an intruder alarm along with a CCTV system that has three or four cameras. There are some issues to consider as to how small businesses and homeowners should go about installing video surveillance cameras, intruder alarm systems, and access control systems.

For small and Medium businesses

Many small offices in Toronto do not have a CCTV system installed and some of them consider renting offices with already installed CCTV systems. All that’s because many of them are confused about the CCTV Guidelines use in public places.

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For retail stores

A small store of about 200-400 square feet size does not require an elaborate surveillance system. A 4-channel system with three to four cameras would adequately meet the security needs of these kinds of promises.

If it’s a small retail shop, the trend now is to monitor the area near cash counter through which customers pass through. This is because a large portion of the security threats in shops like theft happens at this place. Normally this would mean installing one or two CCTV cameras over a counter that would have a broad view of the entire area where customers stand and walk through.”

A relatively new requirement now is audio recording along with video because conversations are essential as instances of customers arguing about payment issues are common. This becomes even more relevant as more and more Canadians opt for digital payment. Sometimes the transactions they make through their phones may not go through, and this could lead to arguments. A clear video and audio recording can help store owners to deal with any disputes as it gives concrete evidence of what has happened.

Talking about the quality of the camera, a 2-megapixel camera is more than enough to meet the requirements of small businesses. There is no need to go for 4-megapixels and or more that vendors promote in the market today. In fact, higher megapixel cameras would increase your storage requirements, which is again raising the costs unnecessarily.

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Camtechnology is a full-service Residential and commercial CCTV security camera installation company. We professionally install, service, and maintain full video surveillance and monitoring systems, Alarms systems, Access Control systems, Building Interphones, Truck Gate Control systems and much more.

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